2020 Work Completed


S. Czech Hall 2.69 mile

Snider 1.60

W Crabb .68

Fajkus 1.26 mile

Hlavenka .25 mile   

New Flexbase for paving prep: 4.54

E. WA Neal to Knust Circle  (NOT COMPLETED)

Snider 1.0 mile   

W. Crabb .68 mile

S. Czech Hall 1.60 mile

Fajkus 1.26 mile

Overlay 25.60 miles

Halbert Lane .49 mile

Shady Lane .75 mile

Brandy Lane .16 mile

Rice Creek 2.71 mile

Lincoln City 2.41 mile

Bode 3.75 mile

Mechell 2.05  mile

Bluhm 3.72

Ivy Lane .64 mile

Altus 1.05 mile

Patton Lake .90 mile

AJ Muska .2 mile

Rogers Hill .25 mile

Cemetary .8 mile

Quillan Trace .61 mile

S Fork Wiggins 1.41 mile

E County Line E .55 mile

Baese .26

Chalk Bluff - Audrey, Idlewood, Sunnycrest, Wildwood, 

2nd Coat 7.38 mile

ClaterPowell 2.07 mile

Hejl 2.00 mile

Patton Lake 1.91 mile

Wesley Chapel .35 mile

Solitude .35 mile

Four Corners .4 mile

City Of Leroy - Kasberg Rd. .3 mile

Grind up/Reclaim and Start New 7 miles total

E. County Line E 1.5 mile

Marble Falls Court .12 mile

Casey . 5 mile

Gerald Lane .6 mile

Whiskey Hollow .8 mile

Heritage Ridge .21 mile

Mynar .3 mile

Rice Creek .4 mile

A tentative schedule has been established based on budget and material: THIS SCHEDULE/WORK IS NOT GUARANTEED. All new or reclaimed roads will have new flex base materials, new tin horns, drainage infrastructure, and ditch work.

All work is subject to finances, material costs, and arterial roads in the area and their condition. We feel that working on intersecting areas is the best course of action and use of your tax dollar.

Estimated Cost: $1,571,294