Road & Bridges


A County Commissioner has many and varied responsibilities. A major area of responsibility is the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges in the County that are not part of the State Highway system or with a municipality. Here is a full list of Precinct 1 roads


Road & Bridge Closures:​

Update 6/24/2019: Construction continues on Surrey Ridge which is now in the last phase of the project (Phase 2). There have been many delays due to weather in the past couple of months but the end is close. According to the updated schedule it looks like Phase 2 (the center section) will be open in August. There will still be work going on in the area such as the laying of final surface, stripping, final cleaning prior to the project wrapping up in September. We will keep you informed of any additional updates!

Update 5/7/2019: To date the Court has approved 2 change orders since the last update which has pushed back the project completion date to mid June. Currently the section that has been closed due to construction (the Moonlight end of Surrey Ridge) is projected to open as soon as the weather allows time for the ground dry in order to finish the final details of that phase. 

Update 2/4/2019: The project is sailing right along on schedule, and should be completed in May 2019. As the project progresses we will be keeping you informed of any additional closing/detours that will be happening.  

Updated 1/24/2019Construction of Surrey Ridge Lane between the IH-35 northbound frontage road and FM 3148 (Moonlight Drive) has started, and starting this Friday, January 25 at 8 p.m. though Monday, January 28 at 6 am the will be a road closure from IH35 NB frontage road to Paso Fino Street as stated in the detour notice. The road reconstruction will incorporate many safety related improvements including: earthwork to flatten the roadway and remove the aggressive hills and valleys along the roadway, as well as culvert improvements keep the roadway more passable during intense storms.

We will update our website with more information as the project progresses!  

Bullhide Creek Bridge (Crunk Road):

UPDATE 6/24/2019: After meeting with TxDOT and Knife River (the contractor for the project) we received a schedule of the project. The project will start date is today, June 24th and the completion date is will be sometime in January 2020 (pending any weather delays) . 

UPDATE 5/7/2019: Utilities have finished being relocated, and according to the TXDOT website the project was let in April. The bid for construction was awarded to Knife River Construction and we are anticipating that the project will be completed sometime this winter. 

UPDATE 11/13/2018: All the right-of-way has been acquired that was needed to move forward with the bridge project. The next step is to relocate utilities. 

UPDATE 6/1/2018: The County approved to start surveying the area so the County can purchase the needed right-of-way. 

UPDATE 4/20/2017: TxDOT has presented the County with their suggestions for the FY 19-FY22 Highway Bridge Program for Off-System Bridge Replacement Projects and the Crunk Road Bridge made the list. The Court approved the list on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 for the Crunk Road Bridge to be placed on the system. The total cost to replace this bridge will be $559,335 with the County’s match being $21,255 (3%). The Court decided to do a cash match for the project and requested to an execute Advanced Funding Agreement with TxDOT. ​
UPDATE 2/7/2017: The County is currently waiting to hear back from TXDOT to see if they have placed this bridge on the TXDOT Bridge Replacement Program. We should hear something back by the end of the month.​​
UPDATE 7/25/2016: This bridge was washed out in May and the whole bridge will need to be replaced. We have ordered a Geotechnical Study to see what the support system would have to be on the new bridge. ​The next step to getting this bridge repaired will be demolition of the current bridge and to start working on design work., ​The County is currently also looking into Financial Assistance from other governmental entities to help off set the cost of this large project. ​​


Cottonwood Creek Bridge (12th Street): ​

UPDATE 10/25/2018: The Bridge is NOW OPEN!!!

UPDATE 8/2/2018: Construction is underway on the new bridge!

UPDATE 5/8/2018: According to the TxDOT website, TxDOT has selected a contractor for the bridge replacement! You can find updates on the TxDot Website. 

UPDATE 3/15/2018: The needed right-of-way had been acquired as of December 2017, and all utilities have been relocated. This means that TxDOT is now on schedule for an April let date ("let" means that TxDOT is clear to proceed with preparing bid documents, going out for bid, and selecting a contractor). Once a contractor is selected TxDOT is projecting that they will start construction this summer. Here is the TxDOT website page for the Detail Letting Schedule for McLennan County (FY2018).

UPDATE 6/15/2017: The surveying has been completed and  County is currently in the process of acquiring the right-of-way needed to move forward with the project.

UPDATE 12/6/2016: The County is currently waiting on the TXDOT project footprint and anticipate it to be delivered in February. Once this has been delivered, the County will hire a surveyor to define the new right of way. We anticipate the completed survey to be finished and for the County to contact the property owners within a few months.  At that time the County will start the process of acquiring the right-of-way and getting the utilities relocated to the edge of the right-of-way. Estimated earliest start date would be late 2017 or early 2018.  More likely mid-2018

UPDATE 7/25/2016: At this time TxDOT has hired a design team to work on the design of the specifications of the new bridge. ​Once the project limits have been defined by TxDOT, the County will begin the process of surveying and acquiring additional right-of-way if necessary, and locating utilities within this new right-of-way. Utilities affected by the bridge structure will be relocated to the limits of the new right-of-way prior to building the bridge.  Surveying is set to begin this fall. ​​​

UPDATE 2/15/2016:  The County and the City of Waco have decided to go through the TxDOT Bridge Replacement Program, which was approved by TxDOT at the end of January. The Commissioners Court approved to be put on the TxDOT list February 1, 2016. According to FEMA the bridge will need to be expanded to a 90ft foot bridge. With the expansion of this bridge and the specifications to build the bridge it will cost approximately $514,909. By going through the TxDOT Bridge Replacement Program the County/City will have to allocate $18,022 for the repair of the bridge.
​Now that the Bridge has been approved to go on the list, TxDOT will be starting on the tedious process of the design, set-up and exact specification to which the bridge will need to be built. In the meantime, the County will be doing some surveying of the area. Once all the leg work is complete the State will hire a third party to build the bridge according to FEMA regulations

UPDATE 10/15/2015: Currently the County has had sit down meetings and submitted documentation to FEMA. FEMA has stated that they will help fund the bridge. The County is currently waiting to see how much FEMA will contribute to the 12th Street Bridge and what additional documentation and steps will be required to construct the bridge.​​


July 2018- Cottonwood Creek Bridge