New Residents

With thirty days after establishing residency or gainful employment in Texas you must register your vehicles and then obtain a Texas Driver's License.

  • You need to get your vehicle inspected at a state inspection station. the inspection station will give you a VI-30A (identification certificate), if they do not; you need to ask for one. This form will be needed to register your vehicle.
  • You need to bring your out-of-state title or your current registration receipt from out-of-state. Also have available the name and address of your lienholder.
  • You will need to furnish proof of insurance that meets Texas requirements (30/60/25). If you don't already have Texas insurance, you would need to bring your policy.
  • You will need to bring cash.
  • Make sure that the person(s) that is shown as the owner(s) on the out-of-state title is the person that brings in the paperwork; they will be required to sign an application for Texas title.
  • If you are currently leasing your vehicle you will also need to bring your lease agreement.
  • Every vehicle entering Texas is subject to the $90 New Resident Fee or 6.25% Sales or Use Tax depending upon the situation. You will also have to pay a $28 title fee in addition to a registration fee. Registration fees vary depending on the vehicle, but you should be expecting at least $70 for registration. Total estimated fee per vehicle $188.