TTC/TXU Rail/Coal Plant

The TTC/TXU Rail/Coal Plant Maps (PDF) a conceptual map. This is not the route of the Trans-Texas Corridor. The route will be determined through the National Environment Policy Act Process.

This is a preliminary map of the proposed rail route for TXU. Final route determinations have not been specified.

Permits for the proposed coal plants have not been finalized.

Note: The following information serves "for information only" purposes.

Entry on to Property
V.T.C.A., Utilities Code
V.T.C.A., Utilities Code § 1814 provides:
A gas or electric corporation has the right and power to enter on, condemn, and appropriate the land, right-of-way, easement, or other property of any person or corporation.

Electric power company's implied authority to enter property prior to condemnation for purpose of making preliminary lineal survey with view to selecting lands to be acquired did not extend to permit core drilling or soil boring as incidental to such survey. Hailey v. Texas-New Mexico Power Co. (App. 10 Dist. 1988) 757 S.W.2d 833, writ dismissed w.o.j.

Vernon's Ann. Texas Civ. St. Art. 6318
Every railroad corporation shall have the right to cause such examination and survey for its proposed railway to be made as may be necessary to the selection of the most advantageous route, and for such purpose may enter upon the lands or waters of any person or corporation, but subject to responsibility for all damages that may be occasioned thereby.

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