County Courts at Law

  1. Advisories

    Find information about court appointments, payments for initial interview in court-appointed cases and for other services, and procedures for jail pleas.

  2. Court Approved Forms

    All forms and instructions on this website are intended for Court or attorney use, are not intended for use by the general public, and do not replace the advice of a qualified attorney!

  3. General Information

    Peruse through a couple Texas Government Codes, information about filing documents, hearing/trial dates, and other website features.

  4. Hearing Lists

    Read the instructions for both arraignments and dockets and view the current lists for both.

  5. Indigent Defense Plan

    Browse through the Indigent Defense Plan and a list of applications and related documents.

  6. Local Court Rules

    View the new local court rules and how these rules were created.

  7. Submit Feedback

    Submit feedback to McLennan County Courts at Law

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