1. Joint Primary Election March 1, 2016

    View information about Joint Primary Election.

  2. Current Election Results

    Current Election Results

  3. Contact an Official

    Learn how to contact different officials representing the county.

  4. Election Calendar

    Make sure you are registered to vote in time for the next election!

  5. Election Information

    Obtain information about elections in the community.

  6. Election Links

    Access helpful links related to elections.

  7. Equipo de Votacion Electronica eSlate

    Recopilar información sobre eSlate.

  8. eSlate Equipment

    Gather information about the eSlate equipment.

  9. Federal Post Card Application

    Access the Federal Post Card Application and other resources.

  10. Information for Candidates

    Gather information for candidates that are running for election.

  11. Information Regarding Employment

    Information regarding employment opportunities with the election's department

  12. McLennan County Maps

    Explore using the McLennan County maps and resources.

  13. Past Elections Results

    Review past election results within the county.

  14. Precinct Street Guide

    Read the Precinct Street Guide for McLennan County.

  15. Vote Centers/Polling Locations

    Gather information about the Vote Centers of McLennan County.

  16. Voter Registration

    Obtain voter registration information for the county.