Mental Health Court Services, Probate & Guardianship

About Us

This department is responsible for maintaining the County Judge’s Probate/Guardianship docket and for Mental Health Court services.

Probate/Guardianship Helpful Numbers

Helpful Numbers:

Lone Star Legal Aid:

(254) 756-7944

Bar Association Lawyer Referral Srvc:

(800) 252-9690

  1. County Court Admnistrator's Office & Mental Health

    Physical Address
    501 Washington Ave
    Suite 215
    Waco, TX 76701

    Mailing Address

    Waco, TX 76701

    Phone: 254.757.5166
    Fax: 254.759.5682

    Mental Health Court Services Office: 
    Hours:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Tessa Slovak…………Mental Health Court Services Coordinator

    Mary Allen………….…Mental Health Court Services Assistant

Mental Health Helpful Numbers

Helpful Numbers:


(254) 752-3451

Crisis Treatment Center:

(254) 867-6550