Clean Up Day

April the 11th, 2019 we used: 5 roll off dumpsters and collected a total of 16.18 TONS of trash = 32360 lbs. 1 tractor trailer rig and collected 1496 used and old tires; 383 gallons of used oils; 213 used/broken televisions; 183 used/broke computers; used keyboards; cell phones; washers and dryers; and other misc. electronics.

​ For a total cost of $8,088.91 to host the event. (not including staffing) .

​May 1, 2019 we had the Baylor University Sorority and Fraternity Alliance do door to door yard clean up in ELM MOTT. 1 roll off dumpster – collecting 5.79 TONS of trash = 11580 lbs.

​ Our next scheduled events are the third week of October 2019.