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County Clerk

J. A. "Andy" Harwell

McLennan County Records Bldg.
215 N. 5th St., Room 223-A
Waco, Texas 76701
Phone: (254) 757-5078
Fax: (254) 757-5146
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1727
Waco, Texas 76703

Welcome to the County Clerk's Website

Frequently Asked Questions…


What year do your marriage records start?

Records for McLennan County start from 1850 through 1995 in our manual index books and from 1996 to present are available online under our Official Public Records.


What is a Formal Marriage?

A man and a woman desiring to enter into a ceremonial marriage must obtain a marriage license from the county clerk of any county in this state.


What is an Informal Marriage (common law)?

When a man and woman agree to be married and after the agreement they live together in this state as husband and wife and they represent to others that they are married. As proof the couple may apply for a Declaration of Informal Marriage. No ceremony is required and the fee is $36.00.


How do I obtain a copy of my marriage license?

If sending in a request, please include the following:

  • Bride's name at time of Marriage
  • Groom's name
  • Date of Marriage (or at least the estimated year)
  • Mailing address to return your copy
  • Certified copy $6.00
  • Plain copy $1.00

When will the license be issued?

The license will be issued the same day.


How long must I wait after acquiring my license?

There is a 72-hour waiting period following the issuing of the license prior to the ceremony. If either party is active military the 72-hour waiting period is waived.  Military identification is required at the time of application. 

If a marriage ceremony has not been conducted before the 90th day after the license is issued, the marriage license expires.  If the license expires before the marriage ceremony, a new license will have to be purchased.


What is the cost for obtaining a marriage license?

$71.00. If you take the Twogether in Texas pre-marital education course and present the appropriate certificate of completion the fee for the marriage license will be $11.00. To learn more about this program please go to: www.twogetherintexas.com


What type of identification do I need to present in order to obtain a marriage license?

You must present a valid driver’s license, (i.e.: certified birth certificate, state issued identification)


Do I have to have my Social Security Card?

No, you will need to only provide us the Social Security Number.


Do both parties have to be present at the same time license is purchased?



Do I have to purchase a marriage license in the county in which I am getting married? 

No, you may purchase your license anywhere within State of Texas and use it in any county of Texas.


Who can perform the ceremony?

  • A licensed or ordained Christian minister or priest;
  • A Jewish rabbi;
  • A person who is an officer of a religious organization and who is authorized by the organization to conduct a marriage ceremony;
  • A Justice of the Peace or a Judge.


How long does it take to get my original license back after I am married?

It depends on when the officiant returns the license to our office. Once our office is in receipt of the license it is placed in the mail the same business day.


Can I get a certified copy of my divorce decree?

No, you will need to contact McLennan County District Clerk’s Office located at 501 Washington Avenue Waco, Texas 76701, (254) 757-5057


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