1. The court deferred adjudication of my guilt and placed me on probation and my probation has since been terminated.     Is this record available to potential employers, etc?
Yes – the District Clerk will always have a record of the action taken on your case, even in instances of deferred adjudication. Article 42.12, section 5 (f), Code of Criminal Procedure specifically states that a record in the custody of the district clerk regarding a case in which a person is granted deferred adjudication is not confidential. Visit with an attorney to determine is you are eligible for obtaining a non-disclosure order.
2. Someone stole my identity and was arrested and convicted of a criminal offense. Is it possible to have my name removed   from these records?
Yes – Article 55.01 (d), Code of Criminal Procedure explains your entitlement when an arrested person has falsely used your information during an arrest. Article 55.02, Code of Criminal Procedure explains the procedure for expunction of records. You should not consider this legal advice. You should contact an attorney to advise you of your legal rights.
3. Where do I go to file charges against someone who has committed a crime?
If you have been a victim of a criminal offense, you should contact the nearest local law enforcement agency to conduct the investigation and file the appropriate criminal charges through the District Attorney Office.
4. I was a victim of a criminal offense. Where can I go to get information or assistance concerning the status or outcome of the case?
You can obtain information from the District Attorney's Office Victim’s Services Coordinator.
5. Is there a number I can call to get case information?
Customers with a specific case number may call (254)757-5054 to obtain summary information about that particular case at no charge. For Criminal Information select Option 1.
6. Where is Customer Service Located?
The Customer Service Section is located on the 300 Courthouse Annex 501 Washington Avenue Waco, Texas 76701, for walk-in customers during regular business hours.
7. Can I request documents by mail?
Customers may request record searches or copies of documents by mail. The parties' full name, date of birth, and if known, the case number, must be provided. There is a charge of $1.00 per page of copies, plus an additional $5.00 when a record search is required. Please include a money order for the total amount due, made payable to Karen Matkin, McLennan County District Clerk, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Send to the mailing address listed in Location & Hours of Operation.
8. Where Can I Get Appeals Information?
The Appeal Section is located on the 300 Courthouse Annex 501 Washington Avenue Waco, Texas 76701. Personnel in this section will assist customers with questions concerning cases on appeal. This is also the location where attorneys of record checkout and check-in appellate records. The contact number is (254)757-5057 (Civil) (254)757-5054 (Criminal). Customers may also file appeal documents or request copies from appeal cases in this section.
9. Where can I file a Post Conviction Writs of Habeas Corpus?
The Appeal Section also processes post conviction writs of habeas corpus. The application for a post conviction writ of habeas corpus must be filed on the proper form, which the applicant may obtain online at the Court of Criminal Appeals.
10. How can I get my Cash Bond Refunded?
Cash Bond Deposits are refunded to the depositor if the defendant has successfully complied with all conditions of the bond and the criminal case is concluded. The refund order is prepared and signed by the judge, then forwarded to the District Clerk’s Office. When their process is complete, the District Clerk will mail the refund check to the depositor, at the address noted on the cash bond. Any change of address should be completed prior to the conclusion of the criminal case.
11. What is a Cash Bond Assignment?
Cash Bond Assignments may also be filed with the District Clerk 300 Courthouse Annex 501 Washington Avenue Waco, Texas 76701. The Cash Bond assignment will cause the cash bond deposit to be refunded to another party named in the assignment form. This form must be filed with the District Clerk prior to the conclusion of the criminal case and it must be notarized, or the depositor must appear in person with proper identification to file the assignment. The Cash Bond Assignment form is available by clicking on the link listed here. 
12. Where can I file for a restricted driver's license?
Petitions for a Restricted Drivers License, resulting from a criminal conviction, may be filed in the District Clerk’s Office. The contact number is (254)757-5057. No forms are available in the District Clerk’s office. Petitioners must prepare all required documents to complete the filing of their petition, including the petition, affidavit, order setting hearing and order granting petition.
13. Is there a number I can call for a name inquiry?
Customers with only a name and date of birth may call (254)757-5054 to obtain a criminal record search for that name and date of birth. A fee of $5.00 is charged for this service. You may request information over the phone or a criminal research letter but not both methods.  All major credit cards are accepted for this transaction.