Cognitive Education Class


This evidence-based program is 20 hours in length. The cognitive behavioral exercises and lesson plans are designed to develop cognitive processes for responsible decision-making and to promote pro-social, responsible behavior. The program will explore thinking barriers and tactics and will focus on developing skills to choose a thought process for a better lifestyle (  There are two (2) different tracks offered: Cognitive Education – Regular as well as Cognitive Education – Substance Abuse.


This class is available to the public but will primarily consist of offenders being supervised by the McLennan County CSCD. Many participants are Court ordered to complete this class as an initial condition of supervision; however this program may be utilized as sanction to impose with offenders who display thinking errors such as: “closed thinking”, “victim role”, “I’m okay self-image”, “reckless/careless attitude”, “instant gratification”, “fear of losing face”, “power as control”, “possessive attitude” and/or “superior uniqueness” (Truthought).  Offenders who have a history of substance abuse or those being supervised on the Substance Abuse Caseload will be placed in the Cognitive Education – Substance Abuse class.

Referral Process

The McLennan County CSCD charges $350.00 for this class.  At least half of the fee must be paid prior to enrolling in the program and the remaining balance is to be paid by week five (5).  The enrollment packet is available at the reception desk and must be completed in full. The enrollment packet consists of a personal data form, Truthought Thinking Error Survey and the Cognitive Education Program Agreement.  The participant will receive a letter approximately two (2) weeks prior to the first class.  The schedule for the remainder of the program will be given on the first night of class. Typically, the program will run for ten (10) weeks; one session each week from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the participant at the conclusion of the class.  A participant will be dropped from the program for missing the first class or for missing more than one (1) class thereafter.  The participant will be required to pay a re-enrollment fee of $100.00 (unless waived by the program administrator) before he/she can be re-registered for the next available class.