Voting Record

Commissioner Jones has remained fiscally responsible with your tax dollars, even when tough decisions had to be made.

​Since 2013 he has proposed and our county taxes have look like this:

​FY2014 Rollback Rate ​0.535292 per $100 val

​When Commissioner Jones took office the county was in a $8.9M budget DEFICIT; although this rate was a 5.51% increase, this increase was necessary to keep the county bond rating positive and to keep the county solvent.

​FY2015 Stay ​0.535293 per $100 val​​(with the requirement that each county department cut 5% to 7% of all spending and/or duplicate staff.)

​FY2016 Cut of .02 cent ​0.515108 per $100 val

​FY2017 Cut of .01 cent ​0.505293 per $100 val

​FY2018 Effective tax rate ​0.505293 per $100 val

​FY2019 Cut of .02 cent ​0.485293 per $100 val

FY 2020 Cut of .03 cent  0.485293 per $100 val

FY 2021 Cut of 4.5 cents  0.425000 per $100 val (STARTED WITH .468719 PROPOSED)