Road Construction Projects

2019 Road Construction Projects

                                                                  Seven Mile Ln (Primer)

This section of Seven Mile Ln was in need of repairs. The road was reclaimed, stabilizer was placed in the base (sub-grade), and the surface was

rolled and packed for added strength to the road. This next stage is a layer of primer on the surface of the already packed road to prepare it for the

chip seal phase of the road building process.


                                                                       Adamek Rd Priming

Adamek Rd has been rebuilt from the base up. This process is the priming stage and is one of the final stages of the road building process. The primer is added to the road and is allowed to cure for 72 hours. The final stage will be to add CWE-2 (Emulsion) to the surface of the primer and apply a layer of #4 chip seal.


                                                                     Aycock Ln Road Building

Aycock Ln is being rebuilt due to extensive road damage. The east side of the road has been reclaimed and scarified. The stabilizer has been placed in the sub-grade and then mixed into the road surface base with the bomag machine for a stronger road. After the stabilizer is mixed in with the road base, it is packed with a pad foot roller and a pneumatic roller.

                                                                     Elk Rd Primer

This part of Elk Rd has been primed and has been sitting for at least 72 hours (which is the curing time for the primer). The next step will be an application of CWE-2 and a layer of #4 chip seal to complete the road building process.

                                                                    McLennan County Pct. 2

Elk Rd is being reclaimed and turned to gravel before it can be chip sealed again. This section of Elk Rd between S. Vicha Rd and Pecan Hill Rd has a strong base and does not need any gravel added to it. This section of road is therefore being packed with a pad foot roller to make it solid for cars to travel until stabilizer can be added to the sub-grade and continue the road building process.

                                                                    McLennan County Pct. 2

This section of Elk Rd is being reclaimed to a depth of 8 inches to ensure that we grind to a depth that is below all of the depressions and base failures throughout this section.

                                                                   Adamek Rd (Reconstruction)

Adamek Rd is under the reconstruction process. The road edges and shoulders are being cut and pulled onto the road surface to be mixed in with the road base during the grinding process. Warning signs are in place showing that there is road construction going and there is loose gravel on the road surface and to reduce the speed to 15 MPH while traveling down Adamek Rd.