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UPDATE 11/19/20

McLennan County CSCD (Adult Probation) will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC Monday, 11/23/20 through Friday, 11/27/20.  Any in person appointments will be conducted by phone during that time unless your Officer has given you other instructions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Officer on their office phone or business cell phones.  

ACTUALIZAR el 19 de noviembre

El Departamento de Supervisión y Correcciones del Condado de McLennan (libertad condicional para adultos) se CERRARÁ AL PUBLIC de Lunes, 11/23/20 a Viernes, 11/27/20.  Cualquier cita en persona se llevará a cabo por teléfono durante ese tiempo a menos que su Oficial le haya dado otras instrucciones.  Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con su oficial en su teléfono de oficina o teléfonos celulares de negocios.

 Director's Message

Welcome to the website of the McLennan County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, also known as Adult Probation. We are committed to:
  • Making a difference in the lives of others by providing quality services to the Courts
  • Maximizing the rehabilitation of offenders
  • Providing for public safety
We hope that you find this website both useful and informative; whether you or a loved one is: on supervision, a crime victim, or simply has questions regarding the department.


  • Provide quality services to the Courts
  • Provide for public safety
  • Maximize the rehabilitation of offenders


We envision being a dynamic organization that embraces change while recruiting, training and retaining criminal justice professionals that are equipped and committed to provide quality services to the Courts, clients, and community.


airness in dealing with others


ccountability of clients and team


nnovation while embracing change


eamwork, diversity and trust, 


onesty, while remaining ethical
A person can be sentenced to probation (community supervision) in lieu of being sentenced to jail (misdemeanor offenses) or prison (felony offenses).

The McLennan County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) is responsible for supervising persons who are placed on probation. Probation is not the same as parole, which is the conditional release of an offender after their release from prison. Probation is a period of supervision that is granted to people who would otherwise be sent to a term in county jail, state jail, or prison.
The CSCD strives to assist in improving the lives of individuals under our supervision through rehabilitative measures. The CSCD provides programs and services that are designed to address the needs of probationers and also provides referrals to appropriate providers in the community.

Probation supervision allows individuals the opportunity to work, support their families, perform community service hours, to pay taxes and to pay costs related to their offenses, and to attend programs designed to address their specific risk to reoffend and their individual needs. It is our hope that those under our supervision are successful in making positive changes in an attempt to eliminate recidivism and avoid incarceration.


Each probationer has specific conditions set by the Court that they are to abide by while on supervision. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in a variety of sanctions up to and including revocation of supervision and incarceration. Progressive sanctions and incentives are utilized in an attempt to address both negative and positive behaviors exhibited by individuals under our supervision.