Community Service

Judges often order individuals to perform Community Service Restitution (CSR) hours as a condition of probation. These hours are completed at preapproved local nonprofit agencies within the community.


During Fiscal Year 2013, local non-profits benefited from over 108,000 hours of community service, valued at over $787,000. An additional 32,163 hours of service, valued at over $233,000, was performed by probationers in other jurisdictions to which their term of probation was transferred.

Local offenders unable to perform Community Service (medical reasons, sex-offender restrictions, etc.) contributed over $64,000 in food donations to local food banks during Fiscal Year 2013.

Message to Nonprofit Agencies
If your agency is interested in becoming a CSR agency and providing supervision to probationers, please contact our Community Service Coordinator, Louisa Nunez, at 254-757-5232.

Message to Probationers
You must first complete CSR Orientation prior to beginning your CSR hours. Contact your Probation Officer for referral information. Your hours must be preformed at a Court Preapproved CSR Agency. Do not perform hours without instruction because your hours may not be accepted.