Payment Information

When an offender is placed on probation, they are ordered to pay certain fees during their term.  These fees may include but not limited to court costs, restitution, fines, attorney fees, probation, and program fees.

A person basically enters into a contract with the sentencing Judge at the time he/she is placed on supervision.  It is a job function of the Probation Officer to oversee payments and to enforce the court order agreed upon.  While a probation officer will speak to probationers regarding their payments, they do not have the authority to alter payment amounts, rates, or due dates.

If you are on adult probation, it is crucial you comply with all court ordered conditions of supervision including following your payment plan as directed. Payment compliance is necessary to ensure your successful completion of probation, as is compliance with all conditions ordered by the court.


Payments are due monthly, following your payment plan.  You must provide your cause number when making payments.  You will receive a card that includes your cause number during your initial processing. 

Present this card to the teller at the time of reporting to the CSCD.  Should you misplace your card or want to mail your payment, your cause number is located at the top of your copy of the conditions of probation and acts as your account number for payments. 

When payments are made in person, receipts will be provided at the time of payment.