Filing Update Requirements

Are there filing update requirements?

A vendor or person required to file a conflict of interest questionnaire must file an updated questionnaire with the county clerk not later than:
  • September one of each year a contractual relationship or negotiation is pending; and
  • The 7th business day after the date of an event that would require the filing of the questionnaire.
  • A vendor or person required to file a conflict of interest questionnaire is not required to file an updated questionnaire in a year in which they filed the initial questionnaire after June 1, but before September 1 of that year.
The county clerk must maintain a list of local government officers and shall make the list available to the public and any person who may be required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.

List of Government Officers and Employees to Be Considered in a Conflict of Interest
The County Commissioner's listed below are the local government officers referred to in question 4 on the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (PDF):
  • Kelly Snell - Precinct 1
  • Lester Gibson - Precinct 2
  • Will Jones- Precinct 3
  • Ben Perry - Precinct 4
  • Scott Felton - County Judge
The county appointed officials and a few selected others listed below are the local governmental entities referred to in
question 3 on the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (PDF):
  • Ken Bass - Purchasing Director
  • Wayne Canaday - Maintenance of Equipment
  • Collin Coker - Juvenile Probation
  • Eva Cruz Hamby - Health Services
  • Steve Hendrick - Engineer
  • Steve Hernandez - Veterans Service Officer
  • Jim Menefee - Maintenance of Buildings
  • Tessa Slovak - Mental Health Court Services
  • Amanda Talbert - Human Resources
  • Robert Wasson - Information Technology Director
  • Kathy Van Wolfe - Elections Administration
  • Henry Ward - Precinct 1 Foreman
  • Andre Langrum - Precinct 2 Foreman
  • Pat Chisolm - Precinct 2 Administrative Assistant
  • Johnny Mynar - Precinct 3 Foreman
  • Billy Garrett- Precinct 4 Foreman