Filing Update Requirements


 i.     Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code creates a new filing requirement for persons who contract or are seeking to do business with local government entities to make financial and business disclosures.

176 Link:'t_code_title_5_subtitle_c_chapter_176

  1. Conflicts Disclosure Statements (Section 176.003)


1.a.1.   A vendor or other person who contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with a local government entity, or is an agent of a vendor or person who is seeking to contract with the county must file a Conflict Disclosure Questionnaire within seven (7) business days of:

  1. Beginning contract discussions or negotiations; or
  2. submitting an application, response to a request for proposal or bid; or
  3. Other communication related to a potential contract.
  4. Failure to file a questionnaire is a class C misdemeanor.


  1. Conflicts of Interest Questionnaire, CIQ (Required with bid response)


                        1.b.1.   A vendor (any person, business entity, or their agent) who enters or seeks to enter into a contract with the County, whether they are successful or not, for the sale or purchase of real property, goods or services, must submit a "Conflict of Interest Questionnaire”, CIQ Form.

  1. Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, CIQ Form, is required to be completed and submitted with Bid response.

Note:  Please mark “Not Applicable, N/A” on any questions that do not apply to your affiliation or business relationship with a McLennan County officer and return with the response package. 

If you do not have access to the links provided above please contact McLennan County Purchasing Department at 254-757-5068.