Juvenile Probation Department

The mission of the Bill Logue Juvenile Justice Center is to provide services that will protect the community from delinquency, to enforce sanctions and offer rehabilitative opportunities that are in the best interest of the juvenile.

The department has 24 probation officers and offers many services and programs by utilizing its dedicated staff and contract providers. For more information, please call 254-757-5072.
Juvenile Probation Department

McLennan County PACTT Program

The PACTT Program (Personal Accountability Changes Today and Tomorrow) provides an opportunity for youth to modify their behavior to develop a "drug free" lifestyle. The PACTT Program will promote this change by providing family support, therapy, counseling access to community resources, intervention and treatment options. This intensive supervision and treatment program is performance based with measurable expectations and accountability. It utilizes a team wrap-around approach that includes the Juvenile Court Judge, a probation officer, substance abuse counselor, mental health service provider and the family.

Electronic Monitoring Program

The department utilizes electronic monitoring, including GPS units, to more closely monitor juveniles who are having difficulty keeping their curfew.

Volunteers & Mentors

The department recruits volunteers and mentors to work with juveniles on probation in McLennan County. These volunteers meet with youth in an effort to enhance the youth's self-esteem, encourage positive behavior and attitude and improve the youth's outlook on school.

Special Needs Diversionary Program

The Juvenile Probation Department and the Klaras Center for Families combine to provide intensive wraparound intervention services for 4 to 6 months to youth with emotional and/or mental health issues who are under probation supervision.

Violent Offender Program

A juvenile probation officer supervises a small caseload of youth who have committed violent offenses with intensive intervention services.

Intensive Supervision Probation

A specialized type of probation supervision that is intensive to allow close monitoring of offenders who have demonstrated difficulty being compliant with regular probation rules or serious delinquent conduct.

Commitment Reduction Program

This program is a state grant funded collaborative program between our department and the Klaras Center for Families, with the goal to reduce delinquency and a youth's risk of TJJD commitment. This program works with high risk and high needs offenders utilizing a wraparound approach, maximum supervision and strong family engagement.

Crossover Youth Practice Model

This program is designed to improve outcomes for "crossover youth" (youth involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems) by creating greater levels of effectiveness through the collaborative efforts of these 2 systems. The CYPM team consists of the Juvenile Judge, Probation and CPS caseworkers, defense and prosecuting attorneys, MHMR representative, guardian ad litem and CASA.

Juveniles with Sexual Offenses Program

A Probation Officer with specialized training works with juveniles referred to the department for a sexual offense. This program entails counseling with a licensed sex offender treatment provider, special parenting classes and close supervision by the probation officer.

Other Services

Other services offered include:
  • A 1st Offender Class
  • An Educational Liaison
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Gang Intervention Program
  • Individual Counseling
  • Parenting Classes
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Substance Abuse Education Group
  • Victim Services