Criminal Division

COVID-19 Court Items:
Standing Order for 19TH & 54TH District Courts during COVID-19.

Live Stream Channels for Court Procedings:

19TH District Court youtube livestream

54TH District Court youtube livestream

Courtroom Policies

The court house is a place for conducting important legal business. The courts require appropriate attire and behavior. Loud noise or conversation, profanity, or disruption will not be tolerated.

Security Notice

When you enter the courthouse you will pass through a metal detector and anything you carry will pass through an x-ray machine.


The District Clerk’s Office is located at:
501 Washington Avenue, 
Suite 300 Courthouse Annex
Waco, TX 76701.

Entry to the Courthouse Annex is either through the main courthouse at 501 Washington Avenue on the ground floor, or through the Jury Entrance in the alleyway.