Precinct 3 Road and Bridge

Since taking office in 2013 Commissioner Will Jones and the best Precinct 3 Road and Bridge Crew in years have handled a few issues in rural Precinct 3 McLennan County that we would like to outline from our work calendars: United - Not Divided, Our Crew works together and hard for you.  (Rev. 10/17)

We have paved:               
31.87 miles of new road (average cost of $11,000 per mile)

We have overlaid:           
120.16 miles of overlay roads

We have bladed:              
1644 miles of gravel road (each gravel rd. 2X annually or after major rain event)

We have hot asphalted: 
112 miles of road

We have patched:           
countless potholes

We have shredded:         
4369 miles of roadway ditches (each rd. 2X annually weather permitting)

We have helped with:     
4 catastrophic disasters (explosion, Whiskey Hollow, Richter Rd, Czech Hall Bridge)

We have held:                  
11 environmental cleanup days

We have cover:                
38.54 miles of road with new base material to prepare to pave these roads

We have replaced:          
604 in damaged, stolen, new or missing signage

We have replaced:          
10 structures

We have met TXDOT:     
On projects for drawings for replacement for new structures

We have responded to:
984 individual calls into the office requesting various services

We have installed:           
317 culverts (replacements and new construction driveways)

We have repaired:
29 washouts

We have cleared:

We have closed:  
2 unsafe rail crossings

We have completed:
44 Interlocal Agreements with Incorporated Cities within the Precinct

We have taken in:
3 roads that were abandoned and unsafe/unkept by incorporated cities

We have donated: 
341 man hours to community, civic and public events