What happens if I am late or miss an appointment?
Missing an appointment with your probation officer is a violation of the conditions of your probation. A variety of sanctions may be imposed by the courts for missing your appointment, up to and including revocation of your probation. It is of vital importance that you contact your probation officer as soon as possible if you are absolutely unable to make the appointment. You should make every effort to make your appointment as your officer has other people they are responsible for seeing. Missing an appointment is a waste of their time and yours. It is better to reschedule your appointment if allowed by the officer than it is to ignore the appointment and face the consequences of failing to report and not letting the officer know. The Probation Officer understands that there may be times that it is not possible to make an appointment due to health or other reasons. Please contact your officer as soon as possible in such circumstances so that your time may be used by others. If you are unable to make your payments, do not fail to report to for your appointment. Failing to report only compounds your problem.

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