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Property and Evidence Release Form

  1. Image of McLennan County Sheriff's Office Seal
  2. McLennan County Sheriff's Office Property/Evidence
  3. Staff Contact Information

    901 Washington Avenue | Waco, TX 76701 |254-757-5095 ext 4510

  4. Property Release Procedures
    • When requesting to retrieve property a property release form should be submitted either in person or by using this online form.


    • A Sheriff office employee will contact you if more information is required or to set up an appointment to retrieve the property when proper authorization has been received. Property will not be released without making an appointment.  


    • The owner can call 254-757-5095 ext. 4510 or ask for the property room to check the status of a request. Property room hours are from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday.  


    • If the owner is unable to personally pick up the property, that person may designate someone to retrieve the property for them with authorization from the owner through a notarized letter.


    • Before property can be released, the person receiving the property must present a picture ID (such as a driver’s license or military ID card).  When releasing a firearm, the person receiving the property must have their criminal history checked for felony or family violence convictions or active protective orders against him or her.  
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  6. Please enter information regarding the property and/or evidence you are requesting.  You can submit as much detail you have available (max 15 rows) in order to help facilitate your request.  

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