• View of the metal gaurd rails and the white posts sticking up to help drives see the railing better
  • View of the concreate guard rail and the concreate slope to the ground below the bridge
  • View of the beams placed under the bridge for support
  • View of the concreate beams used to add the needed support for the bridge
  • View of the bridge from underneath
  • View of the side of the bridge with the rocks and grass below
  • Side of the concreate gaurd rail on the new bridge
  • View of the top of Old Mexia (Tehuacana Creek) Bridge
  • The metal gaurd rail leads to the concreate gaurd rail
  • View of the beginning of a gaurd rail with the yellow and black stripped signal
  • Cruve leading up to the Old Mexia (Tehuacana Creek) Bridge
  • On the road that leads up to the Old Mexia (Tehuacana Creek) Bridge

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