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1. The court deferred adjudication of my guilt and placed me on probation and my probation has since been terminated. Is this record available to potential employers?
2. How can I file for a Petition of Non-Disclosure of my Deferred Adjudication?
3. Someone stole my identity and was arrested and convicted of a criminal offense. Is it possible to have my name removed from these records?
4. Where do I go to file charges against someone who has committed a crime?
5. I was a victim of a criminal offense. Where can I go to get information or assistance concerning the status or outcome of the case?
6. How do I expunge my criminal case?
7. Where can I obtain sex offender Information?
8. How do I resolve check fraud/hot check problems?
9. How can I obtain information regarding inmates incarcerated in the McLennan County Jail?
10. Where can I file for a restricted driver's license?
11. Is there a number I can call for a name inquiry?
12. Is there a phone number I can call to obtain case information.